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PRivacy and terms of use

A Privacy Policy agreement is required by law, Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy (PASO) is bound to protect the Privacy and Personal information of our visitors and customers. It is of the utmost importance for us to protect the privacy and personal information of our site visitors and users.

Data Collection, Use, and Sharing

We are the sole proprietors of the information collected on this site. We only collect data that are voluntarily provided by site visitors, and we never sell this information to any third parties without informed consent. Unless you indicate otherwise, we may contact you to tell you about Pieni Aika Oy updates or changes to this privacy policy.

Control Over Data

You are free to contact us at any time to inquire about what information we hold about you, to change any of your details which need to be corrected or updated, or to express any concerns you have regarding our use of your data.

Information Security

We take comprehensive steps to protect your information. Sensitive data is always encrypted, stored on our secure servers, and transmitted using the safest methods.

Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy Terms of Use


Welcome to the website of Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy. By accessing our site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use and are bound by all applicable laws and regulations.

The site and its original content, features, and services are owned by Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy (Small time Cleaning Company) and are protected by international copyright, trademark, intellectual property, and other proprietary rights law.

If for any reason, we believe that our Terms and Conditions have not been upheld, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate access to our website without prior notice or liability.

Terms and Conditions

1. Parties to the Agreement and their scope

These terms and conditions apply to the service contract concluded between Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy(Pieni Aika "Service Provider") and Customer.

2. Subject matter and purpose of the contract

The purpose of the agreement is to determine the conditions under which Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy will provide Customer with a cleaning service. The subject of the agreement is a private residence or a summer residence ("destination") and other Establishment such as grocery stores and supermarkets, building maintenance ordered by the client.

3. Contract Period

The agreement will enter into force upon acceptance of the terms of a subscription and after payment of the service. You acknowledge by agreeing to the terms and conditions that have provided sufficient and correct information about the subject in order for Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy to perform a subscription service. With regard to garden cleaning, the contract is valid until the customer has approved the service provided. When ordering a regular cleaning contract is valid until further notice.


4. Services

Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy performs the services specified in the order at the customer's order. The service is executed within the customer-defined time limits. The service will be performed depending on the customer's choice, either by the tools found in the object or by the tools provided by Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy. PASO or Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy undertakes to notify the customer of the service performed and the customer agrees to accept the service received within 48 hours of the performance. The customer will have PASO cleaning time in hours. PASO does not commit to delivering a specific set of services, but the amount of subscription for a given amount of time on the site.



5. Prices and billing

The prices of the services are in accordance with the valid price list. Customer agrees to price when accepting the terms of a subscription and paying the service. The prices include a value-added tax in accordance with the current VAT rate. In the garden cleaning, the client pays the cleaning upon the order. Regular cleaning is charged 5 days prior to service delivery from the customer's payment card.

PASO reserves the right to change prices. Any change in the price list will be notified to the customer in writing 30 days before the introduction of new prices.

PASO undertakes to return the full amount of the price paid to the customer for unpaid services.



Campaigns for regular orders require at least two (2) cleaning times to ensure regularity of cleaning. Regular orders that are cancelled after one (1) cleaning period will be interpreted as one-time orders and PASO reserves the right to charge the customer afterwards for the amount corresponding to the campaign benefit received by the customer.

7. Customer Responsibilities

The customer must

  • Provides PASO with the necessary information about the item so that the service can be performed efficiently

  • Ensure the availability of the necessary tools and cleaners etc if the customer has chosen the service to be performed by means of the tools

  • Take care of the cleaner's access to the facility to perform the service

8. Termination

The consumer has the right to cancel the Service two days (48 hours) before the specified Service Time and receive a full refund of the costs charged for the cancelled Service. If the Customer withdraws less than two days (48 hours) but more than 24 hours before the specified time for the Service, the Consumer shall be entitled to 50% of the costs charged for the cancelled Service. If the Consumer withdraws less than 24 hours before the specified time of execution of the Service, the Consumer will not be entitled to any refunds for the costs charged for the cancelled Service.

If the Customer revokes the Service because of a case of illness, the Consumer shall provide a medical certificate and cancel the Service before the specified time of the Service in order to receive a full refund from the cancelled Service. If the Consumer is not present to allow the PASO’s employee to place the Service or if the PASO’s employee can not access the Service Point for the reason of the Customer and the Service can not be performed, this is considered as a cancellation within less than 24 hours and the Consumer is therefore not entitled to any refunds. Cancellations will be made by e-mail to or by telephone on +358 503774444 / +358 408098193

9. Demolition

The customer has the right to terminate the agreement immediately if PASO fails to deliver the services provided under the contract.

PASO has the right to terminate the contract if the Customer fails to comply with the obligations of this Agreement and does not correct them at the request of PASO. The agreement will also be terminated if PASO fails to make a regular cleaning charge before the service is provided. In this situation, PASO has an obligation to inform the customer of the immediate decompression of the contract.

10. Force majeure

PASO does not correspond to a force majeure, such as industrial bribery, riot, wildfire, electrical or telegraphic breakthrough, etc. Failure to meet contractual obligations due to a fact beyond its ability to act.

11. Confidentiality

All PASO affiliates have written a confidentiality agreement that does not allow them to disclose any information about the Customer or his / her personal circumstances that they have been aware of. PASO will not disclose Customer Information to third parties, except those partners whose contribution to the provision of the service is indispensable.

12. Change of contract and notices

PASO reserves the right to change the subscription terms. Changes will be notified to the customer 30 days prior to the entry into force of the amended Terms and Conditions.

13. Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy’s liability and insurance

PASO is responsible for direct damage to property and personal injury caused by the fact that PASO’s partners are responsible for the performance of the services provided, however, if the damage is caused by the inadequacy of the work equipment or cleanser indicated by the Customer. PASO will not be liable for any indirect damage unless it can be shown that Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy has been negligent. The maximum amount of recoverable damages is 1,000,000 (One Million euros) under OP Vakuutus (Insurance)

14. Resolving conflicts

Negotiations between the parties are sought to resolve disputes arising out of this agreement. Failure to conclude mediation disputes will be settled in the District Court of Helsinki.


This Term and Conditions is originally signed by;





Pieni Aika Siivouspalvelu Oy (PASO)

Kaarikuja 4 B 36 00940 Helsinki

Y-tunnus 3017306-8

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